Ideal Upfitters has experience and knowledge of upfitting mobile food and restaurant van and trucks. We have supported many businesses and charities in turning their dreams of running a mobile food business or serving the food for the cause.

We are very confident to say we are a complete, one-stop solution providing consultation, design, as well as construction (including utilities, electrics, plumbing) of the finest kitchen food trucks around that always comply with local regulations – we’re sticklers for the rules!

Whether you’re a business owner that would like services carried out on your current truck, or a completely new start-up who would like to own their own food truck but doesn’t know quite where to start.

We at Ideal Upfitters will be more than happy to advise you on the best trucks to purchase, and we’ll even help you with the extra details and design of your truck if you’re putting together a proposal to get financing for your project.

When you come to us to turn your truck into a fully operational mobile kitchen, we know how important it is that the finished product is not only functional but also inspiring for your customers.

We specialize in helping you design and construct open kitchens, so your customers can get a true food experience seeing you cook.

If you require something special which is not there on our list. Do call us at +1 (604)-599-0096 or write to us at


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