Ideal Upfitters painter van up fitter team believes that as a painter, you carry supplies to prepare, paint and finish all jobs from the large commercial projects to the more intimate residential jobs.

We help develop and fit a customized upfit solution to help you carry all of the varying paints, brushes, cloths, putties, tools and ladders to be prepared for any job.

Painting upfit solutions from Ideal Up Fitters such as six drawer towers, are perfect to organize your sandpaper, drop cloths, brushes, and finishing tools. They also make it easy to transport items to and from the jobsite. Deep shelving and interior ladder racks make it easy to store all your paint and ladders inside the vehicle in a safe and efficient manner.

We also believe that your work van is more than just a vehicle; it’s your mobile office, and it needs to be as organized as possible.

Designing an upfit that meets your needs and improves your efficiency is worth the investment.

Let’s start the process of creating a great upfit. With

Shelving Work Bench Cabinets Drawers Power Inverter

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